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Are you looking for an energy-efficient system to heat and cool your home year-round? A mini-split by Mitsubishi can be an excellent choice. These innovative systems offer:

  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • Drastically lowered energy costs
  • Exceptional warranties
  • May be eligible for state rebates
  • Zoned heating and cooling capabilities for maximum comfort
  • Ductless and ducted mini-split systems available
Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump HVAC Systems Installer

We Offer All of Mitsubishi’s Top Models

Mitsubishi is known for being at the forefront of heat pump technology, designing systems that can handle extreme temperatures, all powered with the convenience of remote control or a WiFi system. Some of the Mitsubishi heat pumps we install include:

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Services
Mitsubishi P-Series Heat Pump Installation Services


The P-Series by Mitsubishi offers powerful heating and cooling technology for homes and small businesses. These units are quiet, energy-efficient, and ideal for creating a net-zero home, in which your home uses renewable energy to generate as much energy as it uses.


Maine has extremely cold winters that can be hard on older heat pump models. Mitsubishi created the NV-Series to address these extreme temperatures. These units are small, discreet, and offer improved efficiency and power in colder weather. They offer single or multi-zone comfort options for your convenience.

Wireless and Remote Control Solutions for Your Home

Mitsubishi mini-splits offer the ultimate in smart home comfort with remote control and WiFi control settings. When you choose one of our WiFi-enabled units, you can change or adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere using Mitsubishi’s intuitive Kumo Cloud®.

Kumo Cloud Wireless Heat Pump Control

Benefits of a Mini-Split System vs. Gas or Propane

There are many benefits of investing in a ducted or ductless mini-split system for your home. Continue reading to see if a mini-split is a smart investment.

Reduces Energy Bills

With Maine’s extremely cold winters, heating your home can be expensive. Installing a mini-split system has been shown to reduce your energy usage by as much as 30% or more.


Unlike gas or natural propane, our Mitsubishi mini-splits give off zero emissions, keeping our planet safe.

Reduce Your Risk of Carbon Monoxide Exposure

When running properly, mini-splits do not give off carbon monoxide, keeping your whole family safe from this deadly gas.

Eligible for Efficiency Maine Heat Pump Rebates

When you have your residential mini-split installed by an Efficiency Maine registered installer like D&J Mechanical, LLC, you are eligible for up to $2,400 in rebates depending on your income and the number of units.

Efficiency Maine Residential Registered Vendor

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Services for Vacation Homes

Choose a Trusted Mitsubishi Mini-Split Installer

At D&J Mechanical, LLC, we are a leading installer of Mitsubishi-brand mini-split heat pumps. We have more than a decade of experience and can help you plan your system from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more.

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If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency for heating and cooling your home and provide on-demand comfort all year round, industry-leading performance from Mitsubishi mini-split heat pumps might be the right choice for your family. Mitsubishi mini splits are recognized across the HVAC industry as the best-in-class heat pumps. Contact us today to request a free quote on Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump installation.

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